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Campus Police: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a theft in my classroom?
To report your computer stolen, you must file a police report with your assigned School Resource Officer or contact us at 912-395-5536.The phone line is available 24 hours a day.

How do I obtain a copy of the video feed for an incident that happened in the school?
All recorded videos are federally protected under the FERPA (Federal Education and Rights Privacy) Act. They are released only by a court subpoena or to a criminal court.

What is emergency preparedness?
SCCPSS has taken steps to ensure your child’s safety while in school. Each school has developed a crisis response plan. Emergency Preparedness is basically preparing the steps you will take in the event of an emergency such as contact information, communications and evacuation plans. SCCPSS is required to have a key group of staff members to discuss different scenarios and to carry it out.

How will my child’s school handle an emergency situation?
All SCCPSS facilities have an emergency preparedness plan. The specifics for each plan differ for each location. The response to each situation will differ based on the specifics of that situation.

How will my children know what to do in the event of an incident?
Inform your children that if a crisis occurs while they are in school their teacher will provide them with appropriate instructions. Throughout the school year, teachers practice lockdowns, fire drills, etc. to ensure the safety of every child in the event of an emergency.

How will I contact my child in an event of an emergency?
Campus Police has partnered with CEMA (Chatham Emergency Management Agency) to disseminate reunification plans. Local news stations will also disseminate important on how to reunite with your child in an event of an emergency.

What is lockdown?
An emergency may prevent the safe evacuation of a school building and require steps to isolate students and faculty from danger by instituting a school lockdown. In an interior lockdown situation, all students are kept in classrooms or other designated locations that are away from the danger. Faculty members are responsible for accounting for students and ensuring that no unauthorized and ensuring that no unauthorized individuals leave or enter the building. Exterior lockdown procedures may also be used to ensure the safety of students when an incident occurs in the community. Parents are permitted access to the building and to their children if it is safe to do so.

How is security handled at special events?
All school related events are requested through the Captain. All non-school related events are handled through Facilities Management.

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