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Board of Education Police Department Holds Recognition and Promotion Ceremony

Published on: 4/9/2021

The Board of Education Police Department honored campus police officers for years of service and promotions Wednesday, April 7, at the Yamacraw Performing Arts Center at Garrison School for the Arts.  Over 40 officers and other staff received service pins and bars, as well as certificates for their accomplishments in service to the students and staff of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System. Pastor Ricky Temple of Overcoming By Faith delivered the invocation; the keynote address was given by Chief Roy Minter of Savannah Police Department.  The Ethics Code was administered by the Honorable Gregory V. Sapp, Chief Judge, State Court of Chatham County.

Two awards were presented for outstanding service and leadership.  Coach Tim Jordan was recognized for his leadership and dedication to his players with an award honoring his 500th win as a high school basketball coach.  Chief of the BOE PD Terry Enoch said “Although this special recognition award commemorates a milestone of 500 career coaching wins, the real winners are the thousands of youths you have invested in and impacted in our community! The reward is not in the wins or loses, but the journey to get to our destination."  

Enoch also presented the 2021 Leadership Award to Kurt Hetager, Chief Public Affairs and Administrative Services Officer for SCCPSS.  This award is given annually to honor persons who are making significant contributions to the community or organization through their time, actions, talents, and dedication.  It is a prestigious honor that serves to recognize the best of the best within our ranks and community.  Some of our past award recipients are SCCPSS Deputy Superintendent Vanessa Miller-Kaigler, Former SPD Chief Jack Lumpkin, and past SCCPSS Board-member and Retired Chief Larry Lower. “What set Mr. Hetager apart from other candidates was his ability to serve as an excellent collaborator, working effectively with others to produce positive results," said Enoch.  “He serves in the role of risk communications, providing the right information, at the right time, to the right audience, so that it triggers the right action."

Additional awards presented include:

2021 Crossing Guard of the Year – Miriam Lexley

2021 Civilian of the Year – Communications Officer Denis Polite

2021 School Safety Officer of the Year – SSO Robert Thomas

2021 Officer of the Year – APO James Williams III

2021 Supervisor of the Year – Cpl. Lisa Darby

Life Saver Award – APO Mike Wiggins


Melissa Forbes – School Resource Officer

Edward Gray – School Resource Officer

Gloria Hancock – Crossing Guard

Traci Houston – Security Aide

Tatyana Jackson – School Resource Officer

Lawanda Jones West – Communications Officer

Philip King – School Safety Officer

Ashley Clerk – Clerk II

Andrew Staley – School Resource Officer

Leroy Smalls – School Resource Officer


Rhonda Bryant-Elleby – Administrative Sergeant

Denesha Duval – SRO/Investigator

Hector Eide – Administrative Lieutenant

Delvin Guilford – Operations Lieutenant

Pijit Healy – Corporal

Michael Hollis – Corporal

Andre Jenkins – Corporal

Zenobia Williams – SRO/Investigator 

See photos from the event HERE.

Watch a video of the ceremony HERE​.

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