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Garden City K-12 Multi-Site Campus Plans

Published on: 6/14/2023

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, a District 8 Town Hall was held at Brock Elementary School for the purpose of sharing information on construction of the new K-12 facility in Garden City that will house Gould Elementary, Mercer Middle, and Groves High School on one campus.  For those unable to attend the meeting, please find the presentation available in both English and Spanish below.

​​New K12 Multi School Campus.pdf

Nuevo Campus de Multiples Escuelas K-12.pdf

Questions from the June 13th District 8 Town Hall Meeting

Q1. Is there a separation between the elementary, middle, and high school students during lunch?

Yes, there will be a partition to separate the high school and elementary/middle school sides of the cafeteria. This partition is a permanent separation. There is a large window on the partition (pictured below) that will allow light to come through, however, students will not be able to see the other side of the cafeteria through the window. There are two controlled access doors on the partition as well, however, students will NOT be able to go through these doors.


2. How will the district ensure the campus is secure?

Like many of our other sites, the multicampus will have perimeter fencing all the way around the building and controlled access exterior doors. Doors in areas that separate the high school from the elementary and middle school will also have controlled access to prevent students from crossing over.


Q3. How will the district handle transportation?

We cannot answer this question at this time. More details will be provided as we approach the completion of the building.  Currently all students who live a mile and a half or more from their zoned school are offered school bus transportation.


Q4. When will the school be open?

We cannot answer this question at this time. More details will be provided as we approach the completion of the building.


Q5. Will the school uniform colors change?

School uniform colors are at the discretion of each individual school. At this time, there is not expected to be a change in uniform for Gould, Mercer, or Groves. Each school is expected to maintain their own identity.


Q6. What will the site be named?

At the July 2023 meeting of the Board of Education, Board members approved naming the site Gould/Mercer/Groves Multicampus, or G/M/G for short. 

Q7. What spaces will be shared between grades?

Elementary and middle school students will share their side of the building and operate similarly to our K-8 schools. Elementary and middle school students will share a cafetorium, gym, and learning commons. High school students will be completely separated from elementary and middle school students as they will also have their own cafeteria, gym, and learning commons. The only space that will be shared by all three schools is the auditorium.


Q8. Has this K-12 model been tested in other districts?

Yes, our district looked at various schools across the nation that operate a K-12 model.  A list of those we looked at includes:

Jenkins County Schools, GA
Presidio School


Tucson, AZ
Deer Trail School Elementary School & Deer Trail Junior-Senior High School


Denver, CO
Laura Irwin Elementary School & Riverside Middle/High School

Basin, WY
Burlington Schools K-12


Burlington, WY
Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon


Henderson, NV
Hillsdale Local School District

Jeromesville, OH
Lowellville Local School District


Lowellville, OH


 We also currently have many schools with grades K-12 in close proximity to each other. Examples of this concept are Beach-DeRenne-Hodge, and Islands-Coastal-Marshpoint.

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