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Jenkins Student Receives Scholarship From Gulfstream

Published on: 4/18/2022

Carlos Hernandez, Jr.,  a senior at Jenkins High​ School, has won the 2022 Gulfstream Youth Apprentice Scholarship.  The $60,000 scholarship - $15,000 for each of four years - is named for Alton Wright, a retired Gulfstream executive who worked extensively with the Youth Apprentice Program during his tenure with the company.

Carlos was surprised along with his father, Carlos Hernandez, Sr., at Jenkins High School on Monday morning.  "When they called me to the office, I thought something was wrong," said Carlos.  It was only when he walked into the room and saw his supervisor at Gulfstream, Theron McDaniel, along with Principal Heather Handy, and a bunch of TV cameras that he knew something was up!  His father was surprised, too.  Mr. Hernandez thought he was meeting with Principal Handy about some potential financial aid for his son's college career.  "This is a great start to a Monday," said Hernandez, Sr.  "We've been working on how we will pay for college for Carlos and this certainly will help."  Both father and son were quick to thank Gulfstream's Mr. Wright and Chris Nowicki, Public Affairs Consultant, and the staff who supports the Work Based Learning program, Dr. Angie Lewis and Ms. Amy Perry, from the Office of College and Career Readiness at SCCPSS.  Carlos plans to attend Georgia Tech in the fall and will study Aerospace Engineering.  ​​

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