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SCCPSS 4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate Continues to Rise

Published on: 9/19/2018

The Georgia Department of Education has released SY 2017-18 graduation rates for the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System and for the past four years the SCCPSS Cohort Graduation Rate has posted a positive upward trend. The SY2017-18 graduation rate is 86.6% - a 2.3 point jump over the previous year. This number once again surpasses the state’s graduation rate of 81.6% – which is an all-time high for Georgia. This is the fourth year in a row that the SCCPSS Graduation Rate has exceeded the state rate. It also surpasses the latest national average graduation rate available of 84.1%.


SCCPSS once again can boast of two schools that attained a 100% graduation rate.  It is the third year in a row that Savannah Early College High School has achieved this accomplishment and the second year in a row for the Woodville-Tompkins Technical and Career High School. Seven of Savannah-Chatham’s eleven high schools saw their graduation rate remain the same or increase.  Two high schools in particular posted large increases.  Windsor Forest High School’s 4 year cohort graduation rate went up by 8.1 points!  Jenkins High saw an increase of 10.9 points!


SCCPSS Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett says, “The continued growth of the district’s graduation rate is measurable proof that the work being done by district staff to prepare all students for productive futures is having unprecedented success. That work is a process that begins long before high school with our early childhood education programs and continues throughout a student’s educational career.  Each and every employee of Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools can share in this growth, and we as a community can be proud of this outstanding accomplishment for our students and for our school system.” 


Georgia calculates a four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate as required by federal law. This rate is the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the number of students who form the adjusted cohort for the graduating class. From the beginning of ninth grade, students who are entering that grade for the first time form a cohort that is subsequently “adjusted” by adding any students who transfer into the cohort during the next three years, and subtracting any students who transfer out.


While all states use the same calculation, each state sets its own requirements for students to earn a regular high school diploma. Georgia has some of the highest requirements in the nation for students to graduate with a regular diploma.


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