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SCCPSS Nurses Extend Thanks to Administration Staff at End of Year Meeting

Published on: 5/28/2021


Head Nurse Lisa Wilson meets regularly with her nurses even throughout the COVID restrictions.  A TEAMS meeting turned into a recognition ceremony On May 25.  “We just wanted to show our leadership how much we appreciate their support and this year ESPECIALLY, it has meant a lot to us to have their backing while we were working in the 'new normal,'" said Nurse Wilson.

The team created awards with a nautical theme to underscore the feeling that this year was like being tossed about on the open seas.  Everything was “smooth sailing" until a squall popped up and then the waves come crashing down and the vessel might spring a leak…but the nursing staff took it all in stride and adjusted their sails to make it to home port.

The first plaque was presented to Rob Gordon.  His award was called the Anchor Award, because, as Nurse Christina Chancey put it, “Rob kept us grounded.  He anchored us to our position and kept us from floating off into the wild seas!"  Gordon is Risk Management Director in Human Resources.

The second plaque went to Chief Human Resources Officer, Ramon Ray.  Mr. Ray's award was entitled the Compass Award.   Tess McMillan presented Mr. Ray with the commemoration and said “Mr. Ray points the way…and he leads by example!  We couldn't have a better compass!"

Dr. Levett was presented with a framed print of The Lighthouse.  Every sailor knows that the lighthouse will lead you home and keep you off the rocks.  “Dr. Levett has been a beacon for us all during this difficult time," said Nurse Wilson in presenting the artwork.  “She's shone the light on the way forward and we are grateful for her leadership."

Then the nurses turned the tables on Nurse Wilson.  Presented with an original painting of a ship, inscribed with the words “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course."  Clearly, Nurse Wilson has charted a course for her staff that has led to remarkable successes this year.  In addition to stepping to assist with vaccinations, the Nursing staff also provided support to the many students, staff and families who were navigating the COVID-19 maze. 

We salute the nurses for their unwavering commitment to our school family.  See more pictures here.  

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