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SCCPSS Students Attend Savannah Economic Development Authority Annual Meeting

Published on: 1/10/2022

24 high school seniors from across the district were invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Savannah Economic Development Authority.   The meeting featured a keynote address by Vernice “FlyGirl”  Armour, America’s first Black female combat pilot.​  Ms. Armour advised attendees to make “gutsy” moves, to work your plan, and to be prepared to “flex and adapt” when the plan changes.  She provided her 5-point plan for breaking through on difficult challenges and obstacles:  Reassess, R-imagine, Reinvent, Re-invigorate and Re-attack.   Ms. Armour’s inspirational message to business leaders and students was this:  “Each day, you have a choice of how you will live.  Will you take the leap?  Will you brave the unbeaten path?  Will you date to do what  you’ve always dreamed?  A life well lived is one where you make the gutsy move!” 
Attendees included students from each high school. 
  • Woodville Tompkins High:   Chance McKinnie and Jayla Bolden,
  • Jenkins High Dan Ha and Frank George
  • Johnson High Khaleelah Muhammad and Cortney Johnson,
  • Savannah Arts Academy:  Verity Sullivan and Mina Smith,
  • Islands High:  Leah Wu and Delaney Love
  • New Hampstead High:  Donte Chisolm and Yteria Smith
  • Savannah Early College:  Asatah Robinson and Curtis Smith
  • Windsor Forest High:  George Black and Keonna James,
  • Beach High: Andre'l Shuman and Christian Watts
  • School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High: Mikeal Wilds and Rachel Whitehead
  • Groves High: Tamar Glover, Christian Gunter, Jose Gutirrez, and Kimone' Robinson​

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