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Second Annual Competition Helps Jenkins High Staff Raise Donations for Ronald McDonald House

Published on: 2/18/2022


For the second year in a row, the staff and teachers of H V Jenkins High School have competed in the Superbowl 2.0 to support the needs of the local Ronald McDonald House.  The teachers and staff were organized into one of eight NFL teams with the challenge to bring in laundry detergent that the RMH could use in their facilities.  The game was more competitive this year than it was last year as teachers eagerly dropped off donations for their team every day of the two-week collection period.

While only one team could be deemed the winning team, the real winners will hopefully be the Ronald McDonald House.  The eager competitors helped the school exceed the amount of detergent donated last year by over 2,000 ounces.  Laurie Gulbronson, school bookkeeper and avid Packers fan, kept the staff motivated by sharing daily Vince Lombardi quotes to inspire participation.  The school collected and donated over 80 bottles of laundry detergent to the Ronald McDonald House.


“We're really happy that we can do this activity for our neighbors who are just down the street," said co-organizer Teacher Dan Kamykowski, “The students also were very curious to know why their teachers were walking around with gigantic jugs of detergent.  I always explained the competition to students to hopefully inspire them to take on a similar charge to help our local community's non-profits." 

The winning team was awarded a pancake breakfast for their efforts generously donated by the Original Pancake House of Savannah.  Brian Skinner, of the Original Pancake House, said he was happy they could be a part of this yearly contest to help such a worthy cause.


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