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Warrior Council of H V Jenkins High School Elected President School of Georgia Association of Student Councils

Published on: 3/7/2023

This past month, the student council of Herschel V Jenkins High School, commonly called the Warrior Council, was elected to serve as the President School of the Georgia Association of Student Councils for 2023.  GASC includes over 70 schools across Georgia amounting to over 600 students involved with their respective school's student councils. 

GASC aims to develop student councils in schools throughout Georgia.  The association provides opportunities for training and resources for students and advisors through multiple events such as a Leadership Summit at the State Capitol, a summer leadership development camp, and the annual convention hosted each year at the Rock Eagle 4H Center.


The Warrior Council decided to campaign for the role of President School this year because they believed they were ready to take on the role.  “Our council has been the GASC District 3 Representative five times," Advisor Dr. Dan Kamykowski points out, “The students felt they were ready to take on a bigger responsibility and wanted to make their mark on the state organization."


For the campaign, students had to prepare two speeches, campaign materials, and a skit to perform at the convention.  the Warrior Council was the definitive winner of the formal election.  For the next year, the Warrior Council will be the representatives of all student councils in Georgia to outside organizations.  In addition, they will be charged with inspiring more schools to promote their own student councils. 


Junior Milena Bringman says, “This next year it is our goal to promote GASC across the state with a focus on increasing involvement within our community."  Lastly, the biggest responsibility will be for the Warrior Council to organize and host the annual GASC Convention next February.  The group has chosen the Disney film “The Princess and the Frog" as the theme as they help student councils develop as leaders and grow their outreach.

“The convention is definitely our biggest job for the next year," explains Dr. Kamykowski.  “President Schools in the past have relied on the generosity of their local communities to help them with preparing for convention with items such as snacks, decorations, giveaways, and other resources.  I am certain that our SCCPSS family, as well as the community at large, will help us with this endeavor."  If you are interested in helping the Warrior Council with making their dream of the GASC 2024 Convention “Almost There to Leadership," a reality, please contact Dr. Kamykowski at

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