Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

The Way Forward 2026 Strategic Plan

Published on: 9/20/2021
Strategy Map


From school to the world: All students prepared to be successful and productive citizens


Together, we ignite and foster lifelong learning at the highest levels for all

Guiding Principles​​

Guiding Principles are the shared values and management style of the organization. They articulate the ethical standards by which the organization makes decisions and conducts activities.

The following seven Guiding Principles were adopted by the Board on September 8, 2021 and are incorporated into Board Policy BA/BA-R, Goals and Objectives:

GUIDING PRINCIPLE 1: The school board provides governance, establishes policies, and evaluates the superintendent while providing autonomy for meeting established goals and for managing day-to-day operations.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE 2: All students' academic and personal achievements will be at levels that will enable them to be fully productive citizens beyond graduation.  

GUIDING PRINCIPLE 3: Education is a shared responsibility among home, school, and community.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE 4: A safe, secure, healthy, and positive environment is essential for the education of all.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE 5: The commitment​ to the equitable allocation of resources is essential for all students to learn, grow, and achieve at their highest levels. 

GUIDING PRINCIPLE 6: Fiscal responsibility, accountability, and stewardship must be maintained to ensure equitable allocation of resources.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE 7: Positive relationships with all stakeholders are built through a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, respect, and transparency.  ​


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