Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 Public Participation in School Board Meetings

Citizens are encouraged to take active participation in the advancement of public education in Savannah-Chatham County and are welcome to attend public school Board meetings or request to make appearances before the Board.  All meetings, except for Executive Sessions, shall be open to the public to the extent required by law. 

​Regular Meetings are held at least once a month according to a yearly schedule adopted in January by the Board. The Board may amend the schedule. The purpose of the Regular Meeting is to conduct the official business of the Board.


The Board shall provide a public comment period as part of its posted agenda during every regular monthly meeting. Any person wishing to speak may sign up in advance by CLICKING HERE.  Anyone who has not signed up prior to the day of the regularly scheduled meeting may sign in NO LATER THAN 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the scheduled meeting time using the Board's Public Comment Form, which will be made available at the regular meeting.   Contact the Board Office for additional assistance.

Citizens are encouraged to address items on the Board Agenda or to initiate issues that are appropriate for Board consideration. Appropriate decorum will be observed by all speakers including, but not limited to, refraining from defamatory or disruptive comments or actions. The Board chair (or presiding officer or designee) shall be the final arbiter of whether comments are in order. 

  • The most useful statements or comments to the Board are those that are related to matters of policy over which the Board has jurisdiction.
  • Three (3) minutes shall be the general limit for comments; however, the chair may establish a different time with approval of the Board.
  • Digital media such as PowerPoint presentations or videos are not permitted for playback due to time and technical considerations.

​S​ign up for Public Participation in School Board Regular Meetings

Rules of Conduct:

Provisions addressing attendee conduct have been adopted by the Board pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 20-2-58(c)(3).  Refer to Board Policy BCBI-R.​

Additional information regarding public participation in Board meetings​ can be found by reviewing Board policy BCBI located on the Board Policy web page​.  Should you have further questions, please call the Board Office at 912-395-5534 or contact the SCCPSS Office of Public Information at 912-395-5538.

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