Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 Accountability, Assessment, and Reporting Services

​​Our goal is to promote the continuous improvement of student achievement within Savannah Chatham County Public Schools by leading the district's efforts in accountability, assessment, and reporting to support instructional decision-making.

Accountability Component:

  • ​Serves as system and school liaison with Accountability staff at the Georgia Department of Education and the Governor's Office of Student Achievement
  • Trains and supports school principals on managing CCRPI data collections and validation and interpretation of CCRPI measures
  • Supports Division Chief in development and implementation of the District Accountability System and the Georgia Flexibility Options Strategic Waivers School System performance contract
  • Assists school and district staff as needed with other aspects of federal, state, and local accountability
Assessment Component:

  • ​Serves as the system and school liaison with Assessment staff at the Georgia Department of Education and coordinates with school staff to ensure that the state-mandated testing program is implemented in compliance with state requirements
  • Facilitates and supports the district's formative assessment program to help schools identify students' learning needs and positively impact instructional decision-making
  • Establishes the district assessment calendar and protocols for test administration and test security
  • Provides information to students, parents, and community stakeholders, including website publication of the district assessment calendar and GMAS Resources such as student study guides and answers to frequently asked questions
 Reporting Component: 

  • Reports District Accountability System measures in accordance with established criteria and timelines, and promotes transparency by maintaining the District Accountability System's public reporting site
  • Evaluates implementation of district programs and coordinates with district administration to develop and implement district surveys
  • Compiles student and program data reports in response to requests from internal and external stakeholders 
  • Processes requests for permission to conduct research and facilitates approved research projects with external partner agencies
  • Assists school and district staff with analysis, interpretation, and use of data to support instructional decision-making​

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