Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

 Board Accountability Committee

​​​The Board Accountability Committee (BAC) is comprised of representatives from the School Board that are appointed by the School Board President. Current BAC members are School Board Member Dr. Dionne L. Hoskins-Brown (Chair), Board Member Michael Johnson, Board Member Dr. Tonia Howard-Hall, Dr. Keenya Mosley, and ex-officio School Board President Roger Moss.​ Support is provided to the committee by the Superintendent of Schools, S. Denise Watts, Ed.D., and her executive team.

The purpose of the BAC is to develop and maintain the District Accountability System on behalf of the School Board.  The BAC provides for the review and analysis of district programs, initiatives, and also budget considerations for continued educational success in support of the Board’s strategic goals.  The District Accountability System provides the framework for the school system’s strategic planning process. It incorporates the Mission and Vision statements, Guiding Principles, and Strategic Goals as approved by the Board of Education. In addition, the committee monitors focused areas of interest and programs through the use of Chevron Reports.

​​The Equity ​Subcommittee 
The Equity Subcommittee is an extension of the Board Accountability Committee (BAC), which includes existing BAC members, and is chaired by Board Member Cornelia H. Hall. The committee’s goal is to work towards a shared understanding of equity and ensure equitable services are achieved by identifying barriers and opportunities for improvement.

​The function of the Equity Subcommittee is to review systems, processes, and policies necessary to ensure the creation of a positive and equitable learning environment. The intent is to ensure all students reach their full potential through holistic support and services.

The subcommittee meetings provide a space for reflection and exploration on the support structures and procedures within the district while viewing them through the lens of equity. 

The subcommittee has no voting authority and will only make recommendations for improving policies, programs, or practices.​

​The subcommittee seeks to hold productive discussions on equitable access, options, and opportunities for students and views all stakeholders as stewards of equity. 

​Therefore, we invite the community to join us as we value and welcome views from multiple perspectives. The district has done great work in educating our students, and we look forward to continuing to build on our success.

Meeting Times & Location
The BAC and BAC-ES meetings are generally held from 3:30PM – 5:00PM on the fourth Tuesday of every month except where noted. Meetings are held in Building G of the Whitney Administrative Complex, located at 2 Laura Avenue in Savannah.​ 

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